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About us

The CEO / Managing Director of Turnkey is an American who has resided in Nigeria for over twenty (20) years on an almost continuous basis residing among the general populace. He provides over forty (40) years experience in the oil sector to the organization including construction, engineering, operations, and training background. He is the ONLY expatriate staff.

The other Executive Directors are Nigerians from the oil producing areas of Rivers and Imo state. They are all working Directors and an integral part of the Company’s activities.

They are the sole owners of the Company. All the other staff are Nigerian, who have been trained and nurtured from within the organization with requisite technical and safety training provided by accredited third party sources. Knowledge and skill acquisition, safety policy adherence, conformance with and performance of JOB DESCRIPTION, and integrity are documented through an internal unbiased evaluation system and rewarded by salary increments. Our staff are technically competent, safety conscious, well trained, understand / practice ethical behavior, and motivated through our unique Project Bonus Concept.

Turnkey’s objective is to provide clients with complete, quality, oilfield services at competitive prices with emphasis on the use of experienced, well trained Nigerian personnel. This has been accomplished in accordance with current Nigerian Content directives long before, and in excess of, those now mandated by law for the past twelve (12) years with NO FATALITIES, two LTI’s and 915,368 Man-hour worked. The corporate key personnel of the Company have over one (100) hundred years experience in the oil and gas industry.

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Our Mission

Turnkey Petroleum Projects Limited is committed to identifying and satisfying Customers’ needs at all times in a safe and ethical manner through providing Quality Services, generating profit for sustaining Company growth, employee training/benefits and Community Development, while protecting the Environment.

Our Vision

We are the preferred Construction Services Provider in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Sector for performance, Safety, Quality, Environmental Awareness, Cost Control and Integrity.

In accordance with our MISSION STATEMENT, TURNKEY PETROLEUM PROJECTS has made conscientious, consistent, and tangible steps towards self improvement. From our origin of operating upon rented premises at Trans Amadi, Port Harcourt with a staff of twelve (12), three (3) welding machines, one (1) air compressor and bank assistance we have grown to be the recognized services provider of our Vision Statement with a solely owned 2 ½ acre home office/fab yard/warehousing premises in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Permanent staff of over (40), solely owned, purchased new equipment, sufficient to execute multiple projects simultaneously, and the financial capability to execute most projects without bank assistance.

None of this would have been possible without our client’s support. It would be unfair not to recognize our major benefactor, EXXONMOBIL, for providing us the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and assist in nurturing and developing them.


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